How to Win Real Money with NetEnt| Winning Tips

NetEnt offers a wide selection of slot games which players can win large potential winnings. Furthermore, the games have high payout percentages for players. Whether you are operating on a small budget or a high roller, there is a slot for you at NetEnt. Most of the casino games available at netentcasino are further certified.

Choosing Winning lots with High Payout Percentages

The first step in ensuring you win large with NetEnt slots is choosing the high paying slot machines? How can you tell whether a slot machine is high paying or not? Well, first off you can try with the free slot games to get a hint of the operating slot machines available at .

A common mistake made by most first time beginners is assuming that each of the slot machines are the same with the same payout percentages. They believe that the differentiating factor is the graphics and titles used. This is very wrong since each slot bears its on payout percentages for the players.


Understanding the Return to Player Rates

What does the return to player mean? After finishing all your rounds at the casino, you need to calculate all your winnings after spinning the reels. How do you achieve this? This is where the RTP rate comes in handy. The RTP refers to the percentage proportion of winnings payable to the player.

Ever wondered how online casinos make their profit with the slot machines? Well, the flip side of the return to player forms part of the house advantage calculated with mathematical formulas. Therefore, to ensure you have large winnings, you should aim for the slot machines that have a high return to player rates.

Determining Volatility of Slots

Volatility of the slot machines is another important consideration that you should take into consideration. Volatility of slot machines involves the risk level associated with the slot games available. Based on your bankroll, you should take the risk factor into consideration in what you stand to loose on the reels and if you can withstand it.

  • RTP relates with volatility
  • Need to balance RTP and volatile slots for profit

There are high and low volatile slots which are associated with the slot machines. With low volatility slots, it means the risk level is low and the player stand to win small winnings. However, the high variance slots have a higher risk level but bears a higher payout percentage once you hit the jackpot.

Determining Authenticity of Slots

Before proceeding to wager with your real money, you should determine whether the slot machine is legit and not a scam. There are many hoax sites that are coming up offering slot games to players. You might end up losing your money to the site since the slots have been rigged in advantage of the house.

Before proceeding to signing up to the casino, read through its licensing information. Check through to ensure that the games have been certified by relevant authorities. At NetEnt, it is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Therefore, it ensures that the games offered by the firm meets the international standards.

Trying Free Slots

Apart from wagering your hard earned money on the line, there are other ways you can increase your winnings at the casino. With free slots, you gain the opportunity to increase your winning chances without having to spend a dime. There are terms and conditions which come attached with the free slots by the casino.

With no deposit bonus, you can try out some of the games without spending the dime and placing a deposit on the site. With free spins, you gain a chance to try your winning chances on the reels without spending your wager. With the matched deposit, the casino doubles your initial stake at the casino.